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Spread Cream GOLOSA

Golosa BABBI is a Gluten Free spreadable cream that can be used also without being frozen in the batch freezer.

A rapid, quick and high-quality product made in BABBI.

  • Golosa: Pour 3kg of Golosa BABBI directly in the steel pan. Place the steel pan inside the shock-freezer for 30 minutes at -40C° until it reaches the desired texture.
  • Whipped Golosa: Mix Golosa BABBI with warm milk (about 60C°) in a 40:60 ratio (e.g. Golosa 1,5kg and milk 1,5kg). Whip the mix. Extract the gelato and put it inside the cabinet after a short period in the shock-freezer.
  • Golosa to Variegate: Golosa BABBI is a variegate, so it can be used to decorate and enrich the gelato.
  • Golosa to Decorate: Golosa BABBI is a good option to use it as a glaze to decorate gelato and semifreddo cakes. We recommend to put decorated semifreddo cake inside the shock-freezer.
  • Golosa with Chocolate Fountain: Golosa BABBI is suitable to be used with the Chocolate Fountain. Pour Golosa BABBI at a temperature of 25 C° inside the Chocolate Fountain. Set up the temperature of the fountain at 30C°. We recommend to keep the temperature lower than 40C°.


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    g/ kg Pieces x
Net Weight
x Pack
1.28.22 GOLOSA as required 4 3,00
1.28.27 GOLOSA BIANCA - White Version as required 4 3,00


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