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The BABBI view of Wafer

If Wafer Babbi is today considered a typical Made in Romagna Confectionery Specialty and a synonym of refined culinary pleasure,  it is all thanks to Grandfather Attilio who, since the beginning, created high quality and unique products that made BABBI different from the mass market products.

BABBI Wafer's secret rests upon the accurate selection of the most refined raw materials as well as in the artisan processing, result of several years of experience and passion.

This secret is kept in Bertinoro factory, where all the necessary activities for the production of exquisite high-quality products are carried out: here the spreads are refined, the aromatic pastes pasteurized, wafers prepared and cooked Hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds and pistachios start being processed when the fruit is raw in order to have an optimal control over the fruit quality; then these fruits are internally toasted with a method that free the aromatic components for an intense aroma; finally, after processing these noble raw materials, the final product is subject to microbiological analysis, a further guarantee of quality and alimentary security.

BABBI succeeded in finding a perfect taste armony in the delicious alternation of softness and crunchiness .



Confectionery Specialties
Confectionery Specialties