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Riso Natura BABBI are 100% vegetable products: they do not contain cholesterol or animal fats. They are easy to use, appealing and suitable for every season; they are free from saccharose (fruit sugar is used), gluten (with the exception of the Barley flavour), lactose, hydrogenated fats and food colorings.

Riso Natura BABBI are enriched with vegetable fibers which are good in regulating the intestine by increasing the probiotic bacteria growth and multiplication.

The percentage of rice in each semifinished product is always higher then 20%.


    g/ kg Pieces x
Net Weight
x Pack
1.17.20 FIOR DI RISO 330 8 1,25 cold
1.43.22 CIOCCOLATO EXTRA DARK - Extra Dark Chocolate 420 8 1,65 cold
1.17.22 CIOCCOLATO - Chocolate 390 6 1,60 cold
1.17.21 VANIGLIA GIALLA - Yellow Vanilla 330 8 1,25 cold
1.48.22 RISO NATURA NEUTRO - Neuter 300 8 1,00 cold


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