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“To provide quality and an excellent service: that’s a primary objective for us. And obviously a source of pride.”

Attilio Babbi

In the production of our Specialties, we only use nobles and natural raw materials that have been selected and measured according to the Italian artisan tradition and then worked through procedures which are respectful of the environment and consistent with the needs of the consumers. The creation of spreads, the pasteurization of the aromatic pastes and the baking of wafers are the secret beyond the superb taste of our Specialties.

BABBI chooses the best hazelnuts and pistachios and carries out their toasting directly inside the firm. BABBI artisanal procedures enable the final products to maintain the original aroma and taste of the fresh fruits.

In 2008 BABBI system of quality was certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for the selection of raw materials, the design of new products, the production, the control system and its customer service. 

We believe that quality is the only way to reach perfection.