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The BABBI Family

At the beginning there was Attilio, followed by his son Giulio and then by his grandsons Carlo, Gianni and Piero: the BABBI Family.

However, when we talk about “family” in BABBI, we also refer to the whole team of employers and partners who work every day in order to bring on and broaden the project that Attilio created 60 years ago, a project made of love, passion and…sweetness: the confectionery art! In BABBI, beside the unspeakable chocolate aroma, you will always breathe the air of peace and harmony that you usually find in a family.

In BABBI people talk, confront, sometimes discuss, they celebrate when great results are reached and they roll up their sleeves in front of obstacles. It is a family based on good will, commitment and perseverance alongside with smiles, passion, strong values, respect and trust.

It is therefore right to say that the history of BABBI does is the history of a Family!

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