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About Us

The history of BABBI is the history of a family.

In the very heart of Romagna, an Italian region rich in tradition and in gastronomic-culture, Attilio Babbi grew up surrounded by love and passion for the confectionary art since his birth in 1906.

After many years of experience in this sector, in the late 1940s he started producing ingredients for Gelato in the very heart of Cesena. His goal was to make the summer walks down the Romagna’s streets more pleasing for everyone. In 1952 he then finally founded the BABBI Confectionary Industry for the production of cones, wafers and ingredients for Gelato Makers.

The quality and freshness of raw materials made Attilio Babbi the primary character in the Artisan Gelato Makers’ scene.

However, this was just a high-seasonal production, merely carried on during the summer season.

In 1958, Attilio had a bright idea: during the winter season BABBI would have featured another production lane. This was the birth of the BABBI Confectionary Specialties.

Attilio immediately understood that the right placement for these Specialties was far from the mass-market products, that was already full; he indeed devoted his firm to the creation of “unique and quality Confectionery Specialties”, produced with nobles, genuine and refined raw materials and through a long, accurate and artisanal process.

This is how Viennesi and Waferini were born and are today well-known and truly appreciated all over the world.

“My VIENNESI, my WAFERS are the result of constant researches, of continuous experiments, of careful work that ended up in the sublime transformation of nobles raw materials in unique specialties.”

Later on, Attilio was joined in the conduction of the firm by his son Giulio, who expanded BABBI’s business net beyond the Romagna boundaries. The start-up of the new unit of the firm dedicated to the production of Gelato and superb desserts was then carried on by Giulio’s sons: Gianni, Carlo and Piero. Thanks to them and to the exclusivity and originality of its products, BABBI was awarded with the title of “the Legend of the Gelato Italian-style”.

All steps of production are carried out in the main plant: the creation of spreads, the pasteurization of the aromatic pastes, the baking of wafers and also the toasting of hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds and pistachios. Thanks to this artisanal production and expertise, BABBI became a guarantee for gourmet taste all over the world.

After more than 60 years of work, engagement, sacrifices, love for tradition and passion for confectionary art, BABBI is today proud to have an international market, with an operative branch in Spain since 2006, BABBI Helado Italiano, “BABBI shops” in Japan and keeps having new goals to reach in the future.

However, nobody forgets how it all began in a small village in Romagna more than 60 years ago…

The BABBI Family