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Gelato Refining Course

Language: Italian

Who it is for
The course is for businessmen who wish to customise the offer of Gelato by acquiring the proper know-how for preparing a product that can give customers what they want. It is necessary to have completed the Start up course before registering for this course, or have experience in this field.

Course objectives 
The Specialisation course offers analysis instruments that are necessary in the creation, evaluation and customisation of gelato recipes.  Furthermore, subjects related to gelato with a high added value (intolerances, new trends) will also be dealt with, through a more detailed knowledge of the use of raw materials.

3 days    

6-8 March 2018

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Registration Fee
€ 350,00 + vat*

Maximum N° of participants: 


Ingredient classes:

  • Categories of nutrients and their function in Artisan Gelato
  • Properties of sugar
  • Protein contents
  • Emulsifying Fats and Stabilizers
  • Truth and myths

Introduction to Recipes

  • From practice to theory
  • Correct balancing
  • Interpreting and modifying the parameters
  • Cream Gelato
  • Fruit sorbets Alcoholic Cocktail Sorbets
  • Gelato with high added value (lactose free / gluten free / low glycaemic index)
  • Basics of sensory analysis and Gelato assessment
  • Introduction to intolerances and Food Allergies
  • Vegan and Gluten Free certification
  • Recognition and management of gelato-related problems
  • Determining production costs and calculation of calories

Production techniques

  • Traditional Cycle
  • Combined Cycle
  • Adaptation of recipe to production method


Also for you...

  • 1 BABBI T-shirt
  • 1 BABBI apron
  • 1 BABBI hat


Samuele Vecchi
Filippo Babbi


Payment in advance by bank transfer or credit card. Registration will be confirmed only once payment has been confirmed. Registration fee is not refundable (the fee can be offset with purchase voucher for the same amount)